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Repair and maintenance of series, shunt, compound and self-excited DC motors.


  • Complete winding repair.
  • Partial winding repair.
  • Reinsulating of conmutators.
  • Supply of new conmutators.
  • Manufacture and/or repair of mainfield coils and interpoles.
  • Brushes and brush holder supplies.
  • Mechanical

  • Repair using the following methods:
  • Rectifying.
  • Cold metal spray technology.
  • Arc coating.
  • Stress relieving.
  • Redesign of ventilation and lubrication systems, roller bearings and vice versa.
  • Design of a forced lubrication system.
  • Ultrasound analysis.
  • Dye penetrant inspection (DPI).
  • Analysis and correction of the rotating electrical equipment’s parallelism, collinearity and concentricity.